Mary Beth Barnett

Design Thinking Evangelist

Technology is my passion, making it usable is my pleasure!

Hello, I’m a UX Strategist, Designer and Mentor — strong in Agile Product design.

I love what I do. I’ve been fortunate in my career to work with notable agencies and the brands they inspire. My experience in interactive storytelling began in 1997 for Motorola’s first cell phone simulated in Flash, and has grown to include in-depth experience in data visualization, dashboard, commerce and content hub design across several industries.

Whether I’m leading a team of 1 or many, I’ve been hands-on for over 17 years.

  • Phone : 562.881.9093
  • Email : maryelizabethbarnett@gmail.com
  • Address : Long Beach, CA
10 yrs


7 yrs

Client Side

17 yrs

Work Experience



Research & Testing

Qualitative and quantitative research helps evolve and inform the UI navigation, architecture and design.

UX Design

Lean UX and Design Thinking principles foster radical collaboration that's quick and iterative.


Define, design and deliver through Design Thinking activities that keep stakeholder & user empathy in the forefront.



Agile & Scrum

Methodology that emphasizes collaboration, a functioning product, team self management, and the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities


Content Publishing

Divisible content published using architecture within the constraints of templates, containers and components



Create Once Publish Anywhere - Use of a CMS to separate content from display and ensure content modularity and portability


Design Thinking

Design specific cognitive activities that designers apply during the process of designing


Lean UX

Less emphasis on deliverables and greater focus on the actual experience being designed


Research & Usability

Benchmarking, heuristics evaluation, usability testing (quantitative via large and qualitative via small groups)

  • Contextual Interviews 95%
  • Google Analytics 80%
  • Heuristic Evaluation Journey Mapping 95%
  • Standard Guidelines 95%
  • Sitemap / System Map 95%
  • Flow Diagrams 95%
  • Heuristic Evaluation 95%
  • Prototyping (Clickable Wires) 95%
  • SEO 80%
  • Wireframing (Low - High Fidelity) 95%

Available for work in CA, NY, IL, TX


  • Salesforce

    Senior IA/UX Designer

    Project: Responsive design of the Help & Training Site Translated stakeholder requirements to define scope. Worked as an integrated part of the Help & Training team to define architecture. Created high fidelity wireframe production that…

    APRIL 2015 - JUNE 2015

    Director IxD

    Established the IxD Department roles, responsibilities, standards and processes. Allocate resources for digital projects, in all agency locations. Manage and mentor a talented team of UX designers, as well as educate the executive level and…

    AUG 2014 - April 2015

    Senior IA/UX Designer

    Projects: Responsible for the UX architecture in their Alpha and Beta phases. Performed design thinking activity sessions which bridged the gap between full-time executive level and technical employees for the purposes of data visualization concepting.…

    MAR 2014 - SEPT 2014

    Senior IA/UX Designer

    Project: Responsively designed site for University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Recruited to replace two insufficient UX design resources. Assessed gaps in deliverables and reset deliverableexpectations for the remaining budget. Facilitated internal stakeholder discussions to refine scope. Collaborated…

    MAY 2014 - JUNE 2014

    Senior IA/UX Designer

    Project: M-commerce site architecture for Nestlé brands. Architected m-commerce sites for several Nestle brands, based off of the e-commerce architecture and visual branding already in place. Collaborated with cross-functional team leads to foster usability discussions…

    APRIL 2014 to AUG 2014

    Senior IA/UX Designer, Lead

    Project: Responsively designed product site for a leading (client confidential) custom home builder. Executed stakeholder interviews to define the project’s scope. Collaborated with cross-functional team leads on the digital dev, brand strategy and media buying…

    May 2014 - July 2014

    Senior IA/UX Designer

    Project: Responsively designed content hub. Translated stakeholder requirements to refine the phase 1 scope. Collaborated with cross-functional team leads and vendors to plan content strategy. Participated in weekly team meetings and presented all UX deliverables.…

    APRIL 2014 - MAY 2014

    Senior IA/UX Designer, Lead

    Projects: Responsively designed Credit Card App and a Credit Risk Review App. Reorganized efforts to align stakeholder needs with time and budget. Conducted stakeholder interviews to define the project’s scope. Provided guidance to executive level…

    DEC 2013 - APRIL 2014
  • SAGE

    Senior IA/UX Designer, Lead

    Projects: Application design for a new cloud-based Asset Depreciation Software; Strategic UX guidance on edits to current design and architecture for mobile sales and service apps during their sprint cycles. Charged with resetting the course…

    OCT 2013 - NOV 2013

    Senior IA/UX Designer, Lead

    Project: Responsively designed e-commerce & m-commerce fashion site redesign (client confidential). Charged with resetting the course of this project after usability testing was performed by a 3rd party. Reviewed the taped usability test sessions and…

    AUG 2013 - OCT 2013

    Senior IA/UX Designer

    Projects: Strategy & information architecture for 2 micro-sites, and a site redesign discovery phase for Argosy U. Conducted research, market analysis, facilitated stakeholder interviews and persona development. Worked closely with cross-functional team leads on microsite…

    JUNE 2013 - JULY 2013

    Senior IA/UX Designer

    Project: Architect a Medical Record Collection System. Conducted research, technology review, and facilitated usability testing. Collaborated with cross-functional team leads, participated in daily Scrums and presented UX deliverables to executive level. Health Data Vision is…

    MAY 2013 - JUNE 2013

    Senior IA/UX Designer, Lead

    Projects: Facebook App for Panera's promotion benefiting Feeding America; LAZBOY's Room Makeover Contest; and Dignity Health’s Social Hub, responsively designed. Allocated resources for digital projects. Managed and mentored a talented team of UX and visual…

    NOV 2012 - MAY 2013

    Senior IA/UX Designer, Lead

    Project: Consulted during the RPF process with respect to IA/UX on the project. Moderated concepting sessions. Used design thinking activities to foster creative collaboration on a tight timeline. Presented UX deliverables during the RFP client…

    MAR 2013 - APRIL 2013

    Senior IA/UX Designer, Lead

    Projects for KIA: New architecture on Kia.com's Flash site and the Kia UVO microsite (HTML5, Responsive Design). Project for ABC, ABC Kids and Disney Family: Joint native mobile application. Workload shifted UX resources for digital…

    JULY 2011 - DEC 2012

    Senior IA/UX Designer

    Project: Architecture for the PublicStorage.com low inventory season. Translated stakeholder needs into optional A/B testing architecture. Collaborated with cross-functional team leads during concepting sessions. Presented UX deliverables to internal stakeholders. Phelps is a full service…

    MAR 2013 - APRIL 2013

    Senior IA/UX Designer, Lead

    Formulated the software product strategy by consumption/device. Allocated design resources. Managed and mentored a talented team of UX and visual designers, as well as educating executive level and cross-disciplinary team members on a UX product…

    JUNE 2010 - SEPT 2012

    Senior IA/UX Designer, Lead

    Project: Led UX efforts on version 2 of the DisneyMoviesOnline.com site. Charged with resetting the course of this project. Facilitated design thinking sessions to align design direction with stakeholder needs. Managed UX design resource allocation.…

    MAY 2010 - JUNE 2010

    Director of Digital Media

    Provided technical leadership, guidance and progressive solutions for the AVN's executive level, publishers, and managers to support our efforts in pushing news and interactive web features to our diverse online properties. Developed and executed product…

    OCT 2006 - JUNE 2009

My Testimonials

"Mary Beth dove right in, worked tirelessly to learn the details of the project, produce impeccable work and win the client over. At the end, she commanded a team of IAs to deliver what at times looked like a near-impossible deadline for a project that was still being brainstormed by the client, all with a smile and great energy."

Pat Hadnagy

VP & Executive Producer Heavenspot

"I have found Mary Beth to be an engaging and very professional business partner. I am consistently impressed with her creativity, organization, and perspective on all things digital. She is one of those secret weapons any progressive company or client would be fortunate to have. She delivers projects on time and is quick to propose alternative solutions."

Steven S. Horn

Director of Programming & Content VUDU

"In our effort to aggressively shift focus to B2C, Mary Beth managed several products simultaneously from planning and design to execution. I am continually amazed given her workload, that she is the person I can count on to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. She is extremely passionate about her job."

Janet Gibson

COO AVN Media Network

"Outstanding supervisor. Over almost 2 years I've provided contract work on projects to several of her clients. Mary Beth is clear in communicating, thereby reducing the back and forth time trying to get answers. She is firm but fair and stands up for her contractors and I would be pleased to work with her again should the occasion present itself."

David Valentiner

App Developer Black Belt Programming

"Mary Beth is easily one of the most organized, capable managers I have had the pleasure of working with. She is fully knowledgeable about all things related to digital media, is a consummate professional and has a unique drive to succeed. I highly recommend her!"

Brandon Roberts

Human Resources Manager AVN Media Network

"Mary Beth is an integral social media and interactive design consultant who manages multiple projects daily. What started as simple html programming grew to website architecture, programming and strategist. Mary Beth provides both the technical expertise required as well as the professional capacity to recommend innovative results."

Beth Scott

Senior Marketing Communications Manager Custom Building Products

"Mary Beth is by far, hands down, the best manager I've ever had. She's hard working, creative, and an amazing team leader. She has mentored me in more ways than I can count. She's a patient teacher, confident and creative leader, and multi-faceted mentor. I have learned more than I thought possible in the time I've worked under her."

Jenn Ramsey

Content Strategist & Information Architect AVN Media Network

"Mary Beth was a real pleasure to work with. Her 'can-do' attitude was always refreshing. For over 5 years I have interacted with Mary Beth on several projects and each and every time she has been able to deliver without hesitation. Mary Beth is extremely easy to work with and always takes a professional and diplomatic approach to things."

Dallas Fraser

IT Operations Supervisor Custom Building Products


  1. Empathize

    Work to fully understand the experience of the user for whom I am designing. I do this through observation, interaction, and immersing myself in their experiences.

  2. Define

    Process and synthesize the findings from empathy work in order to form a user point of view that will be addressed in design.

  3. Ideate

    Explore a wide variety of possible solutions through generating a large quantity of diverse possible solutions, allowing us to step beyond the obvious.

  4. Prototype

    Transform ideas into a physical form so that they can be experienced.

  5. Test

    Test architecture to use observations & feedback to refine prototypes, learn more about the user & refine the original POV.


Long Beach, CA