Service Design

Portfolio of Sample Work by Mary Beth Barnett


Services, as explained in Service Design 101 by Cooper, are intangible economic goods—they lead to outcomes as opposed to physical things customers own. Outcomes are generated by value exchanges that occur through mediums called touchpoints.

service design

Services are always co-created by what we call service users and service employees—the direct beneficiaries of the service, and the individuals who see the service through… and touchpoints are these exchange moments in which service users engage with the service. Service design (or as some industries might call it, customer experience) is critical to making a cohesive experience across all these channels!

There is a desperate need to coordinate these elements using the skills and principles of design.

–, Service Design 101

Services at Ralos Energy

In the case of Ralos Energy, the customer would purchase or lease their solar panels through a lender such as CalFirst and Ralos Energy would obtain a city permit for the customer by creating an architectural drawing of the customer’s solar panel layout on their rooftop and then submitting this to the city.

Once approved, they perform the installation, next coordinate a city inspection, then coordinate solar activation through the local utility provider and submit the customer’s rebate paperwork.  

Here’s an overview of the Service Design work that I facilitated at Ralos Energy during my 5 month contract.